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The beginning

“In life you have two options: take the risk or lose the chance”

One of the great things about travel is that you find out how much the journey has changed you when you returning home. As Fitzgerald says, everything looks the same, feels the same and you realize what has changed is you.

You always take something with you from every travel and after living in the beautiful island of Bali for more than four years (just in case you don ́t place it, Bali is a small island in Indonesia :) we brought home a bunch of new experiences.

The most important one was a new consciousness about the environment and how is possible to live a simpler life and to protect the planet and the skin you are in.

So we decided to bring home the concept of the sunblock used by the surfers during the long hours in the water... Took it, mixed it and improve it!

We created from scratch an organic sunblock, made in our hometown Galicia (just in case you don ́t place it, is a small in area in Spain) :) using natural and clean ingredients..

And last but not least, it doesn ́t contain any chemicals which mean is perfectly safe for coral reefs.

Best idea ever? We think so.


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