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"Different doesn't mean wrong"

Fuka Eri is a brand whose values are the result of an alternative lifestyle in contact with nature and sports.

A new concept of physical sunscreens and cosmetics made with natural, vegan ingredients that respect the environment and the skin. We enjoy making good products, and we are the first consumers.

The idea arises in Bali and the development in Galicia, in our hometown.


Here we create and develop from scratch our own formulas, products that we consider necessary and that fulfil perfectly their mission, both in outdoor activities and on a daily basis.

Best idea ever? We think so!



“It is time for a new adventure”

The world is made up of crazy ideas, and Fuka Eri is one of them. I blew out the candles of my 30th birthday in Bali (Indonesia) where I would live for the next 8 years and that has been the beginning of what I now call “the age of rebellion”

Our brand represents the values that we have learned as individuals.

Make the best products, cause no avoidable harm to ourselves or the planet, and use this business to inspire and teach ethical consumers.

Almost a decade after dedicating myself to discovering the world, yoga, meditation, surfing.. I decided to package all that knowledge and transform it into a brand, Fuka Eri.

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All of our products have a purpose, a reason to exist. We try to add real value and make high quality, responsible and durable products.

  • Natural physical filters.

There are two types of sunscreens: chemical or physical.

Chemical: Conventional sunscreens contain chemical filters which absorb the rays like a sponge by penetrating the skin. Most of them contain ingredients that can be harmful to health and the ecosystem.

Physical: mineral based sunscreens like Fuka Eri use mineral and natural filters like Zinc Oxide.

The ingredients do not penetrate the skin but remain on the surface acting as a barrier against UVA, UVB and even UVC rays.

  • Packaging.

 We avoid over packing our products (no external boxes, caps ...) Aluminium is 100% recyclable, reusable after the product is finished. It allows you to take advantage of all the content and is easily transportable and manageable.

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“When there is too much, something is missing”


The formula behind Fuka Eri is simple and effective; we only use natural ingredients that respect the ecosystem and your body.

Most of the sunscreens in the market contains chemical substances you can barely pronounce and are highly contaminant.

Read carefully the active and inactive ingredients on your cosmetic label to avoid environmental contaminants and chemicals that involve significant health risks.



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“It is beautiful out here, want to come over?”

Fuka Eri is for those who spend a lot of time outside either in the hot sun, snow or water... so basically EVERYONE!

True to be told, we have created our first sunblock with sports in mind; runners, swimmers, surfers… they all have one thing in common and it is the sun exposure.


Our sunscreens work very well to protect small sensitive areas from the sun, such as spots, scars, tattoos (once healed).



“Protect what you love. A river, a mountain. Everything matters, because everything is connected.” yvon chouinard

Sunscreen is part of a long list of threats to coral reefs across the world, the chemical ingredients of most of these lotions have toxic effects on the marine environment, causing the bleaching of the young coral and damaging the sea life.

Probably you never think about it, but every time you go into the water with a sunscreen, which contains some of these chemicals (oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate etc) they dissolve contaminating fishes, seaweed, sea plants...

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At Fuka Eri we make thoughtful decisions to reduce our impact on nature and protect biodiversity. For this reason, within our possibilities, we try to avoid chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the environment.

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